Made in Norwey, the boat of model 'FJORD' seems to be the legacy of the Vikings knowledge.

With a length of 8 meters and a width of 3 meters, remember the profile of Drakkar, where the shallow draft allowed to go up the Seine to Lutetia, Paris our present.

Since then, the oars are out of date, a powerful engine that runs at a slow speed also participates in communion with the river.

The name 'LAS VEGAS' comes from the former owners Strasbourg - Mr. and Mrs. VIERLING. Indeed, they made the acquisition of this thoroughbred of the North Sea to the return of their stay in Las Vegas.

Excellent restaurants stand on the banks of the Seine and are reachable by boat. 
Stop at one of them for a gourmet treat.

You can come alongside the terrace of following restaurants :

Your meal is not included in the fare and will have to be payed to the restaurant, but the boat waiting time is charge free.

Private Boat Tour on The Seine River in Normandy

Customize your cruise


Liberte Seine

As the name has it, Liberte Seine offers to explore the beautiful waterscapes of the Seine in the surroundings of Les Andelys, just as you like it.

The boat has a maximum capacity of 6 passengers. It is perfect for a couple, a family or a party of friends.

You can either choose one of the circuits of 45 mn to 2 hrs 45, or customise your tour, priced according to the duration.

The gourmet option is available for tours of 1 hr 45 and  2 hrs 45. The boat will take you to one of the best restaurants of the area.

The comments of your captain Dominique Polny, who knows all the secrets of the Seine, make the boat tour especially interesting and attractive.


Liberté Seine is open 7j/7, contact us about availability.

promenade en bateau sur la Seine

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